We’re not just satisfied with providing you with beautiful images, but also strive to make sure all your products are beautiful too. Whether you order digital files, a thumb drive of images, books, albums, or wall canvas, VCG Photography delivers them all with style, and archival methods. Take a look for yourself.

CD’s and thumb drives:

When you order 5 or more digital files, or have a mini session which includes 5 digital files, your CD will be presented in the following way :

vcg photography cd

Prefer a thumb drive? It comes with an image from your session imprinted on the front.
vcg photography thumb

Albums and Books

VCG Photography offers a variety of custom-built books to suit your style. This is a wonderful way to showcase all the images from your session packaged in a beautiful, lasting format. These books also make wonderful gifts.

Book 1

This beautiful, glossy book features thick, layflat pages. It comes packaged in a box for presentation purposes, and is ideal for  sessions where children will want to look at the book over and over for years to come. All the images from a regular session will fit into the pages of this lovely book.

12×12/ 20 pages       $225


Book 2

These books make an ideal gift or keepsake for parents or grandparents. They feature:

  • The highest quality white matt art paper of the same quality you find in the best coffee table books.
  • Hard cover elegantly bound in your choice of fine linen fabric to suit any taste or occasion.
  • Inset cover images and labels, open-flat binding, quality textured endpapers, and a woven ribbon tie closure or marker.

They are available in three sizes.

9.25″ x 7.4″ / up to 28 pages        $ 185.00

8 x 8 / up to 28 pages                    $165.00

11×13/ up to 28 pages   (shown here)    $205.00



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