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Hello! I’m Vanessa Gilbert, the founder, owner, and designer behind VCG Photography. As a teenager, I fell in love with an old Pentax K1000 camera, and for years I carried it everywhere. Later, I fell in love with my baby boy, Jack, and for a long time I carried him everywhere too. All his (and then his three sisters) early moments were caught with that camera, and although he is now 19 and my cameras are mostly digital, my heart is still with photography of all sorts, and children of all sizes. Every child has a beauty I can’t resist, and I truly believe that it is their faces on our walls that make, and remind us of, the greatest art that can be made.

As well as capturing families and children since 2009, I have shot catalog photographs for Palumba Natural Toys in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and done corporate work for Executive Core in Twinsburg, and The Socher Team in Beachwood, as well as having work included in gallery shows in the Cleveland and Akron areas. I began my wedding photography business in 2011, and have never looked back. I love love, and I love photography, so weddings are a wonderful, natural progression for me. I graduated the BFA/Photography program at Akron U,  in Fall 2014,  and now my first baby Jack has his own little girl for me to photograph. Life never slows down or stops, and I see this reflected in my own life, especially now that I’m a grandmother.

NANCY GARRISON - May 19, 2014 - 1:38 pm

CONGRATS, Vanessa!! I just received the link to Abby & Zach’s wedding. I am Abby’s aunt who was there with my camera taking some fun shots, and I’m so happy to see that your professionalism paid off!! My white balance in those challenging settings was way off and most of my photos had a very intense yellow cast. Another reason a professional photographer is a MUST!! An amateur just can’t do it!!

If I lived in the area I would certainly recommend VCG Photography!

Nancy G.

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