Such Elegance | akron senior photographer

What an amazing fall I had with my seniors! The final session I did was with Lauren, who came with her mom, sister and their lovely dog, Dusty, who I thought was a puppy at first, but eventually turned out to be a dignified older fellow. It was such an awesome and fun session, I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end out the season.

Lauren was incredibly elegant, with a gorgeous bright smile. One of my favorite parts of photographing seniors is the way they bridge adulthood and childhood; self composed and mature one minute, and then smiling and goofing off the next, and Lauren totally embodied this. She and he sister were hilarious together, so we got some shots of them with Dusty. So much fun!

“We just love the photos! You were able to capture exactly what I hoped to see, but even more as I really considered Dusty to be a bit of a wildcard.” Deidre, Lauren’s Mom


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